Cadillac Begins To Suffer The Consequences Of Chip Shortage

NK May 05 2022

The chip shortage has been a nightmare for automakers, but it's had particular effects on Cadillac. Its cars lost park assist and Super Cruise (which later returned), among other features - all because there are no more microchips to make them work!

The Escalade’s latest model is expected to come equipped with an “Express-Up Window Control" option for the second row. A representative from GM confirmed that this was due in part because of a shortage of chips, saying: 

We understand that many of you are waiting for your next vehicle purchase and we want to keep all our customers happy. To help with this goal, Cadillac has confirmed the MY2022-MY 2023 Escalade will not offer 2nd Row Express-Up Window Control as standard or optional equipment due to a global shortage in semiconductors which is affecting multiple industries across North America including automotive suppliers like GM.
The company remains committed though actively working closely together on mitigating potential issues moving forward by communicating often between key stakeholders – dealers included!

When you think about it, cars are just as many electronic devices as your phone or computer. And like those devices, there's a lot going on in terms of technology that we don't fully understand yet! The shortage of these chips has shown us how capricious automotive supply chains can be - some features might suddenly disappear at any moment because they were never needed to begin with.

GM’s statement is silent on whether or not they will be providing any form of compensation for buyers who unexpectedly find their vehicle lacks a certain feature. Furthermore, there are no opportunities given to retrofit these features later down the line which could dampen enthusiasm towards upcoming models such as Escalade V - especially considering its launch is just days away!