Bridgestone "Smart" Tires Will Tell You When To Repair Or Change Them

NK October 10 2022


Bridgestone is preparing to launch innovative tires. They will signal wear and tread damage. Bridgestone's smart tires get RFID tags that transmit information to cloud storage. They track the condition of the tires and alert you when they are damaged.

The new Bridgestone tires are equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, allowing them to connect to a special cloud service and transmit data there. The technology will make it possible to track changes in tire pressure, indicating wear or tread decay. This will make it possible to repair, rebuild or replace tires in time.

Production of the new tires will start at a plant in the U.S. state of Tennessee in 2024, and then the plant in Japan will be connected. Initially they will start producing tires for trucks and buses, and later - for cars. The fact is that it is for commercial vehicles and public transport that the new feature will be particularly useful. Their tires wear out faster under active operating conditions. 

Timely retreading will save carriers money and reduce the frequency of tire changes. In addition, it will reduce air emissions when disposing of old tires.