Brabus Surprised Users With A 900-horsepower Off-Road Monster

NK May 05 2022


For the last 45 years, Brabus has been churning out bonkers Mercedes-based cars that have too much power and wings. It is a fantastic company! So after so many successful collaborations with AMG in producing hypercar-like vehicles for example - they wanted to celebrate this milestone by creating one incredible dune buggy.

 Brabus announced its latest product, the AMG Dune Buggy last week and it’s a welcome change from all else in this line of high-power vehicles! This not only marks an important milestone but also gives us something new to look forward to - how will these adventurers take on other terrains?

The Brabus Crawler is the perfect example of what happens when you take a Mercedes-Benz G Wagen and strip away all its luxuries. This off-road monster has no comfort pads or soft trimming on bumpers - only hard parts that can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it!

The custom-built frame of this G63 is a bespoke Brabus offering, which has never been done before by the company. The body panels aren't stripped off some donor's vehicle either; they were fabricated in-house drawing heavy influences from Mercedes' luxury off-roader. Brush up your ride with these high-performance parts!

The crawler is a smaller, more modern take on the iconic G-Wagen. With its Newspeak dimensions of 180 inches long and 12" wide (182 if you include all four wheels), it's clear this vehicle isn't meant for powering around town--but rather working in depths or atop the highest surfaces!


The inside of this car is like a breathtaking experience. It has been designed to give you the ultimate driving feeling, but without any distractions or luxury amenities; just pure exhilaration as if Driving on track!

The Brabus Crawler was made for those who want their adrenaline pumping and sweat pouring (both literally) all-round while they're behind wheels - so don't think about installing doors yourself before going out there because it'll only disappointingly sober up when compared with what's waiting within these four walls: A combination between raw engineering genius & sexy design elements combined perfectly together at its most basic level which is what we all crave for, deep down inside.

A Brabus-powered dune buggy is a tool for the person who needs to get things done. With an impressive amount of power, you can tackle any terrain with ease and satisfaction! The engine under that carbon fiber hood is a Brabus Rocket 900 4.5-liter V8 twin-turbo, which outputs 900 horsepower and can be sent to all four wheels via an automatic nine-speed transmission or you could go manual with gearshifts if desired!

The Crawler is a high-performance vehicle with the heart of racers. It can accelerate from 0 - 62 mph in just 3,4 seconds and top out at 99 miles per hour, all while being limited by its design as primarily intended for racing on sandy terrain.


The new Brabus monster isn't road legal because of its intense focus on off-roading.

With its intimidating appearance and impressive specs, the Brabus crawler is sure to make an impression. As if you needed another car in your garage! This one-of-a-kind vehicle only has plans for 15 units so get on board before it's too late or find yourself left behind forever (and wake up tomorrow morning with no Crawlers).

The bespoke Brabus vehicles are in high demand and will be at a premium for those who can afford them. The company has announced that they plan on building five this year, with an additional five coming next year before finally rolling off the line again near the decade's end! For $928k per vehicle (including taxes), you can take home one of these monstrous machines!