Brabus Released A Pickup Truck Based On The Mercedes G-Class. It's Definitely Worth A Look

VD March 03 2022

The Mercedes-Benz X Class was a bust for its manufacturer mainly because it didn't offer anything different from the much cheaper Nissan Frontier on which it was based. Some enthusiasts around the world still scratch their heads at why such an experienced and successful automaker like MB wouldn’t just use one of their existing wildly capable solid rear axle platforms that currently undergirds popular vehicles in G-Class.

The most exclusive and elite German vehicle in the world, the G-Class is a military-grade battle station. But what if you want something with less weight but still capable of pulling your troops or supplies? Well now there's an answer for those who can afford it - Brabus has just released their latest version which features all-new bodywork designed by AMG specialists themselves!

With a price tag of just under $825,000, the Brabus 800 XLP Superwhite is not for everyone. However, if you have enough money to spare and enjoy driving big trucks this luxurious model will leave your heart skipping beats as soon as it starts up! It has been detailed from head-to-toe so that every detail matters including its powerful engine which produces 788 horsepower or 737 lb-ft torque thanks in part to two turbochargers improving performance even further when compared against other models within their range while still being able to use fuel efficiently.

Attention-grabbing exterior design cues are scattered throughout the Separating it from a darker edition is an in-house designed diamond white pearl finish accentuated by carbon fiber highlights. The most curious element outside would have been the sports exhaust system with an ambient lighting cluster that catches your eye. 

The stunning handcrafted interior is one-of-a-kind, featuring the tuning firm's White Heat leather upholstery with specialized quilting for seats. The carbon gloss black bits installed everywhere from the dashboard to door cards create an elegant yet powerful look that will make you feel right at home when driving around town in this high-performance vehicle!

The company says they have equipped this truck so customers can use it in tough conditions, like when you're driving through mountains or deserts and need your car's AWD capabilities to get over difficult terrain without losing traction on any part of its wheels thanks mainly due Monoblock HD Forged aluminum solid disc brakes which provide strong stopping power at all times while also being lightweight enough not slow down performance too much even though we know some people would rather drive fancy cars than work theirs hardest every day.