BMW Plans To Implement Crystals In Headlights Of Upcoming I7

VD March 03 2022

BMW's love for crystal is well known. Not only does it decorate the high-end models, but some interior pieces can be had with an elegant shine too! In addition to this luxury touch - like how you'll find volume knobs and start/stop buttons sporting similar sparkling patterns on them – soon enough every inch of your iDrive equipped vehicle will seem priceless because outside those doors sits something truly special: a coat full of purest white diamond plated over top quality stainless steel which makes each piece appear twice as valuable without any extra weight. In the new model, Bavarians decided to go even further - now the crystal elements can appear in the decoration of the exterior of the car. Sounds rich!

The electric Luxo barge will have crystal light elements embedded into its headlights. Much like the illuminated grille, BMW refers to these as having an Iconic Glow and bills them for being made from "high-quality crystal glass." These lights are obviously going to cost extra, but thankfully you can get optional features that come with them at no additional charge!

The new 7 Series will have a lighting concept that combines the daytime running lights with its kidney grille. This is an awesome way to make your vehicle stand out in low light conditions, and it's even more eye-catching when combined together! The production-ready SUV will have the same look, along with the regular 7 Series G70 and X7 LCI. For i7 BMW has a "unique lighting concept" by combining fancy DRLs into the kidney grille's illuminated contour. 

Whether you love or hate the split headlight setup, it's here to stay

With its new, sleek design the i7 will be able to pull off an understated look. The main low and high beams are positioned below daytime running lights as individual modules which can make them less visible by installing heavily tinted panels surrounded in shiny black paint with just enough gloss applied around edges; at night we have a feeling people may mistake these crystal clear lamps for what they really house—the uppermost light fixtures on any given model!

The upcoming 7 Series and iX3 will be nearly identical, with only minor differences between them. They’ll ride on the CLAR platform shared by the X1 and 5 series as well next year's new range-topping EV that shares much in design but has its own unique features to set it apart from other vehicles within the BMW lineup.