BMW Has Released An Outstanding Headlight Design

VD April 04 2022

The BMW 7 series and its electric sibling will be revealed on April 20th with a unique look for daytime running lights. This is not alone though as the production-ready XM also adopts this layout later in the year making it an increasingly common sight across brands such as Rolls Royce or Land Rover who recognize how well these designs work together without distracting attention away from anyone feature too much!

With plans already in motion to take the split headlight approach even further, Bimmer Today cited a BMW insider who shared two teasers with future models featuring three layers of lights. These work independently from one another so you can just have the low light bar turned on or choose which LEDs are active through iDrive 8's Sport mode when activated - it will trigger only those at the bottom row for added grip during turns while making your car seem glued down as if driven by an ironclad footstool!

The powerful presence mode on the BMW can make it feel like you're driving through an LED strip light. It turns all three rows of lights up as well a large grille, but this exciting feature has not been approved by regulatory bodies yet so drivers might want to avoid using them in streets where visibility isn't guaranteed for everyone coming toward them.
The headlights do have some benefits though! With just one click activation button press these high-tech headlights will shut off only brighten what's ahead instead - which means no more dazzling other road users or shining into windows when turning left at night-time.

Prototypes with triple headlights will hit the road soon! One might wonder why such an unconventional setup hasn't been tried before now, but it seems like higher-ups really like this new look and there's no doubt more models are going to get them. The 7 Series LCI?

BMW has always been a leader when it comes to thinking outside the box. The company was one of few that dared go against traditional design in order for their products to be more modern and innovation-driven, which we fully support because they definitely got results!