BMW 2 Series Anniversary Edition Will Be Available For Purchase Very Soon

NK May 05 2022


To celebrate 50 years of innovative engineering and to honor the M brand's legacy in performance car tuning, BMW is releasing an Edition 50th Jahre edition. The car, called Edition 50 Jahre BMW-M is limited to 500 units and comes with various accessories including an interior trim kit inspired by leather seats from classic cars like Mustang GT Coupe (one such example). The special limited-run models are individually numbered with a commemorative plaque on their exterior alongside gold fittings for hood logo accents as well rear silencers that proudly bear the word " anniversary."

BMW is giving its 2 Series Gran Coupe and 1 Series models the same treatment as their top-of-the-line counterparts. These aren't flagship cars, so they only receive limited Edition50 editions for now - but we could see something come to America soon enough! The differences between this generation's trim levels will be minimal, with only Limited Edition 50 badges being available for those who want to stand out from standard equipment on offer at each level - but there may come a time when these cars land stateside too! 

The Edition ColorVision will be available on M Sport models only this year and its trademark BMW color scheme is centered around iconic hues like Dakar Yellow, Daytona Violet, or Macao Blue. buyers can choose from one of 50 different options for their unique car liveries.

The exterior of your choice between a 1'er or 2' ner Bimmer comes with new rear bumper outlets, an intake below the grille, and a blacked-out diffuser. These models also get some special Edition 50 badges that are not included in a standard model like full fat M cars but can be added on as desired by customers who want their car to stand apart from others just like them! Finally, there's Sport suspension which lowers ride height by 0 .39 inches more than other trims do so you'll have less jumping over potholes when driving around town.


The inside of this car is fitted with plenty of Edition badges, including embroidery on some items. There's also bi-color leather trim available in white or red to add that final touch! The rest features more M nods like an edition fifty kickplates for your feet when sitting at the poker table; stainless pedals which can be monochrome if preferred (but why?); ambient lighting package plus specially designed floor mats to make sure you don't track dirt everywhere during these harsh months.

BMW's latest special edition will be available in July and it promises not only an increased power output but also some sweet BMW heritage badges. We're talking about the M240i (or even better yet -M2) with all sorts of beautiful colors like red or blue on top!