Audi RS3 Gets A 500-HP Version

NK June 06 2022


The last couple of months have seen a lot more misses than hits with German tuner Manhart's releases. The performance can't really be criticized, but his Range Rover tuning kit hurt our eyes and it also made some questionable aesthetic choices as well like on the BMW X6 M last year.

It's not always easy to tell what a company will do next, but it seems like Manhart has found their groove with smaller German cars rather than huge SUVs.The tuner has announced another project that sounds promising. The Manhart RS3 500 is based on the Audi RS 3 sedan and hatchback, but only sells in America as a 4-door instead of 5 because it's too big for European roads!

It'll be interesting to see how this one turns out since they've got some big shoes left from their previous work with BMW cars like M240i & X1M among others.

Based on what we can see and know now, the RS3 500 project has just begun. However, with a perfect starting point like Manhart's standard model in hand, it looks great! The gold exterior detailing really stands out against black paint which makes this car ready to go no matter where life takes you- especially since they're so reliable at making sure all your needs are met right off of their own bat (literally).


Whether you're looking for a luxury sports coupe or an entry-level model, the RS3 will suit your needs. The gold detailing on the exterior of this vehicle is gorgeous and can be found all over. It's particularly noticeable in areas like front grille ornaments as well with mirror caps that have been embellished to look like wings when viewed up close by peers driving next to you during traffic lights!

20-inch Concave One wheels finish off these dramatic looks with their golden rim pinstripe, while stainless steel exhaust system upgrades complete what is sure to be one fast vehicle!

The lowering spring kit adds appeal for those looking at performance-based cars who want something less harsh than traditional coil overs but not quite sports suspension either; SSR offers plenty more options depending on what type suits bests your needs most importantly though: affordability.


The RS3 has always been a rather popular model, with many people choosing it for its familiar looks and driving experience. But if you're looking to take your car pastfurutechcomfortable territory then Manhart's tuning program might be just what the doctor ordered! The upgrades include installing one of their patented MHtronik Powerboxes which will increase output from 400hp/369 lb-ft all way up into 500 HP territory enjoying significant gains across nearly every engine parameter including better fuel efficiency to boot. This means these cars could easily reach 60 mph in under 3 seconds which would be close enough if you're trying out some exotic machinery on track days.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for this exciting new RS3 500! We'll keep you up-to-date as more info becomes available. Interested customers can get in touch with Manhart now to build their own RS3 500, but pricing remains unknown at this point.