Audi Presented The RS5 Competition Package

NK May 05 2022


The Audi RS5 Coupe and its Sportback sibling have been rightfully criticized for not being as engaging a drive experience compared to other high-performance cars on today's market. This led German automaker, head Ingolstadt concern over these issues; they've introduced an upgraded Competition package that will be available starting with the 2023 model year! What does this mean? Well, I'm sure you'll find out soon enough.

The timeless 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 is still serving up 444 horsepower and 442 lb.-ft of torque to this day, but it's not as fast or powerful as before - in fact, you'll find that many competitors have far more authority at their disposal these days! However, with a 0 – 60 time of 3.7 seconds for the Coupé and 3.8 for the Sportback, there isn't anything wrong here.

The Audi RS5 Coupe may be the most thoroughbred of all competing models. With an exclusive sport exhaust system and 180 mph top speed, this German beauty will leave any other vehicle in its dust! 

In addition to reduced firewall insulation that allows for a throatier howl from your engine thanks to largely down-sized mass at just 18 lbs fewer than before - you'll enjoy even better handling due not only by way of high-performance tires but also because they're fitted on lighter wheels which means quicker turning radii without sacrificing stability when putting power through turns fast enough.

With revised transmission programming, you can have your shifts quicker and enjoy a tighter load change when Dynamic drive mode with an S setting on their gearbox! The suspension has also been breathed upon by boffins from the Audi Sport division who introduced Coilover shocks that lower ride height by 10 millimeters as well sportier front sway bar making this vehicle all yours in terms of driver satisfaction without compromising too much comfort or safety features offered throughout rest of line up.

The all-wheel-drive RS5 has always been a joy to use on an engaging stretch of road, but at the end of the day, it's never as much fun when compared with its Bavarian rival. Audi is hoping this package will put things right - they've tailored their sports rear differential and reworked steering for more precision so that driver enjoyment isn't compromised even in racetrack conditions!


With the new upgraded stopping power of retuned ABS programming and red-painted RS ceramic brakes, you'll be able to stop much shorter than before. They reduce stopping distance by about 6-and a half feet from 62 mph, or you could say they make this car “stop on a dime."These big Brembo calipers live behind five-spoke Phantom black wheels wrapped in Pirelli Corsa tires which give this car an edge when driving on performance tires! To emphasize how well they work we've left our engine cover matte carbon fiber so there is plenty more style combined with function here too; giving us even gratified handling capabilities at high speeds while still looking stunning doing it all.

For those looking to fly under the radar, this new package is perfect. With an exclusive black crystal effect paintwork, you can't miss it!


The changes made to the inside of this luxury car are nothing short of dramatic. Audi has replaced standard Nappa leather with sporty Pearl Nappa and Dinamica upholstery, enhanced by Piano black side trim around cabin areas as well an all-new steering wheel design that features red stitching for contrast against its matte carbon inlays; it's also used on seat belts or floor mats depending upon which package you purchase! The Competition Pack even includes a virtual cockpit layout called "runway mode" where there can be more adjustments made during driving conditions - perfect if one likes being able hands-free while navigating busy city streets.

The RS Competition logo shines from beneath the doors with understated but proud elegance.

For those who love the RS5 but want a more aggressive look, this package is for you. It costs $16100 and brings pricing on both coupe ($92k) or Sportback ($92.300). If performance matters as much to your purchase decision then keep reading! 
Orders should begin in June 2022 so don't miss out - get yours before they're gone.