Alfa Romeo Julia Will Live - But Not As We Used to See It

VD April 04 2022

The new Alfa Romeo SUV is an alternative to the BMW X5 but recently revealed its all-new Tonale. SUVs are where they're putting most of their focus and as such, there's no sign yet that sports cars will be making a comeback soon. Both Stelvio/ Giulia was recently updated with refreshed models which may not last long if sales don't improve quickly enough though luckily The brand's CEO, Jean-Philippe said "we aren’t abandoning" this line despite continuous challenges in Italy mainly due at least partly because consumers remain hesitant about expensive luxury goods following recent economic problems here countrywide.

The future of the Alfa Romeo Giulia is now in doubt after it was reported that its combustion engine would be replaced with an electric one. This means they'll lose their high-performance model to BMW M3 nightmares. This fiery Italian car is now without an incredible 2.9 liter twin-turbo V6 and it's hard to say if they can still give out those spiritual beats in a high-performance model but at least there was some good news--Alfa plans on going all-electric by 2027!

However, the hatchback will no longer be available as a new Tonale crossover has replaced it. He reasons that while Euro-focused models are okay in their market they're not what he wants to target globally with this vehicle--hence why there is only one version of it!

So it seems like there are no new sports cars on the horizon for us yet, but don't count out Alfa Romeo. They're prioritizing their moneymaking SUVs as they try to regain a commanding foothold in the luxury car market and thus far have been doing well with those models so long may this continue! However, if sales do indeed reach 100k then maybe someday soon you'll see your favorite performance vehicle make an appearance?

The Alfa Romeo brand has been through worse things and will come out on the other side healthy if you give it enough time to heal from this controversy-in which there are plenty more cars waiting for their turn under your heater before they too get outdated!