A New Ford Has Been Announced - And Here's How It Might Please Customers

VD March 03 2022

The moment many people have been waiting for has arrived. The F-150 Rattler is finally here, and it's more than just an off-road package built on top of the XL series - this baby has legit roots in performance! Ford CEO Jim Farley seemed to indicate something big was coming when he posted his tweet about "something extraordinary happening soon." Well, folks...we're glad you could join us at our special event where we revealed what will be available later this year (and next).

The Ford is on the loose with its new truck! The rugged, entry-level derivative will serve "adventure-seeking customers" who require a trendy-looking vehicle and superb off-road ability. To that end, 18-inch aluminum wheels add style while a sporty dual exhaust system makes it growls by giving this unique design replete with badging found throughout front fender vents called out as being from 'The Rattler'.

The F-150 Rattler is not a poseur. It uses bits borrowed from the FX4 to boast skid plates, an electronic rear locking differential, and hill descent control - all of which make it perfect for tackling rough surfaces like hills or deserts with ease! The aesthetically pleasing wheels are wrapped in robust all-terrain tires that will keep you safe over tough terrains too, this truck has been tuned specifically so owners can take their friends out onto unfamiliar ground without worrying about getting stuck somewhere inconveniently located. 
The off-road shocks have also had some improvements made upon them when compared to other models available today. 

The interior of this car is just as tough and rugged, with Onyx seats that have bronze accents. There's also unique stitching on them! The instrument panel seems to follow the desert-inspired theme too--it has a similar color scheme which makes for an eye-catching combination inside or out (or wherever you happen to stop).

The Dearborn-based automaker is yet to elaborate on additional interior choices, but the exterior has been detailed with Antimatter Blue as one of many color options. A notable selection includes Agate Black or Oxford White for those who want their car's look polished and professional-looking without having too much personality branding evident in appearance - something that could be considered subpar when compared to other makes' designs due largely because it lacks flamboyance whatsoever. 

It's hard to beat the allure of a beautiful pickup truck, and Ford knows this. The introduction of their new "Rattler" will likely bring even more customers into what was already an emerging market for these vehicles--the so-called 'value-led' segment which sold extremely well last year thanks in part to low prices on gas coupled with high fuel efficiency ratings (for many models). At $52,235 or 68,275 respectively; pricing could make sense but it would still be prohibitively expensive compared to other options such as F150s(which start around 40k). 

"The new F-150 Rattler offers an adventure seekers' option with expressive looks and capability in one package, said Ford's, Todd Eckert. This truck builds off the legacy of its tough exterior while still allowing us to introduce newcomers into this great line that has been crafted over time by constantly evolving needs." With battery-powered cars like Lightning soon becoming available it will be interesting how much more people want out their trucks instead!"