2023 Toyota Tacoma Comes With New Styling Packages

NK May 05 2022


The Toyota Tacoma is a dependable work truck that has been around since 1970. For the 2023 model year, this tough midsize SUV gets new packages with Chrome Package options for those who want an extra touch of class on their driveways or parking lots! Those looking to add some shine can choose from 18-inch polished wheels as well as a leather-wrapped gear lever inside--allowing you more time at home while still providing vehicle functionality - this rugged midsize truck has arrived with elegance at heart!

So, you want your Tacoma to be more adventurous? The SX Package is the perfect choice for people who are looking forward to style and daring. It gets all-black styling on its exterior which includes badging logos mirrors fender trim as well lug nuts! Wheels also get painted in this dark hue while bed graphics change too so it will look like an entirely new ride when finished displaying off these special additions that show how much adventure awaits ahead.

Consider the Chrome Package a preview of what's to come. It is only available on V6-powered SR5 double cab variants with five-foot beds, but that could change soon enough as development for this powertrain continues! The SX package has similar limitations - it can only be found in 4x2 or 4 x4 models depending on your preference; however, there are still plenty of options available which means you'll definitely find something perfect no matter how much room freight capacity needs may arise.

The Tacoma TRD Pro has something special coming for the new model year. For 2023, this high-end trim will be available in an exclusive Solar Octane shade that's only seen on larger Tundra models! Elsewhere inside your favorite Toyota truck lineup, there are also changes to V6 equipped SR5s which now come standard with proximity entry as well - making it easier than ever before possible get into all those tight spots without hassle or delay.


For Model Year 2023, the new Tacoma sets a high standard for ride quality with its coil springs and air dam removal. The front receives an increase in height that brings it up 1 inch while still maintaining excellent approach angles at 34 degrees neighboring 0.5" lift on the rear allowing greater departure angles rated 23 6."

The bronze finished wheels of a new Trail Edition are accented by chunky all-terrain rubber that provides a stylish look while giving this vehicle some serious grip when driving on dirt roads or other challenging terrains! As if those weren't enough features for rugged use cases - there's also a 26-degree break-over angle (up from 24) plus undercarriage protection skid plates borrowed straight from TRD models which means you'll be able to drive through anything without worrying about breaking something else apart alongside your car.

With the exception of its powertrains, everything about this truck is big. It has two different options: a 2.7-liter four-cylinder with 159 horsepower and 180 lb.-ft torque or 3 5 liter V6 that produces bleak figures but they're more suited for mid-sized trucks like Tacoma which packs 278hp/ 265lbs ft worth stamina!

You don't have to be a Toyota lover or an auto enthusiast in general, but if you happen to fall into both categories then this might just make your day. The company offers its vehicles with amazing features that are sure not only attract drivers of all types- especially those who value safety over anything else -but also keep them safer while on the road! Every model comes equipped standard at no extra cost thanks to the Aging Integration Technology Suite which includes Lane Departure Assist (LDAS), Radar Cruise Control & Pedestrian Detection Systems alongside PreCollision System.

The 2023 Toyota Tacoma might be just around the corner, but we're not expecting any changes in pricing for this year's model. It will likely carry over at $27K-47k and come with trims like TRD Pro or Limited Edition models to spice things up!