2023 Subaru Legacy Gets A Stylish Facelift And More Technologies Inside

NK May 05 2022


The Legacy is one of the most staid cars in Subaru's lineup, but it still manages to be an all-around solid vehicle. It has plenty going for it with its standard four-wheel-drive system and excellent safety scores that put other competitors' models into perspective when you're driving around town or on highways at night. The new updates for 2023 include some styling tweaks as well improved tech features which are sure to keep drivers happy during their commute or day spent working away from home base.

The Legacy is one of the most popular cars among millennials, with a wide range to choose from. In addition, there are multiple trims that you can select depending on your needs and preferences- Base, Premium, Sport, or Limited? If it's the power you're after then go right ahead by picking up either an XT model which comes equipped as standard equipment while still offering plenty more options such as heated seat etcetera. The most recent addition is the limited XT which features a more powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine rated at 260 hp with 277 lb-ft torque for those who want their performance without any fuss or bother! lower-level models still offer 182 horsepower from 2.5 liters naturally aspirated I4 cylinders Finally, if fuel efficiency matters most consider purchasing one in "Touring" trim where not only will both engines have been upgraded but also features including LED headlamps lights front bisexual tail lamps alongside rear wiper blades!

The gas mileage of this car is amazing! It gets up to 32 mpg on the highway which means you can drive 600 miles before needing another fill. The 2.5-liter engine gives you 35mpg so you're not sacrificing performance for fuel efficiency either way, unlike some other cars out there.

The Legacy gets a new front end with updated LED headlights and a sleeker, more aggressive-looking grille.


The inside of this car is standard with cloth upholstery and accent stitching. The mid-range Sport trim adds two-tone leather that has been perforated to make room for airflow, while higher Touring XT models come equipped with ventilated front seats as well!

Legacy models come standard with a seven-inch display, but most of them have an 11.6-inch touchscreen that runs wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto to provide you with the best in-car entertainment experience! The graphics are stunning on these screens as well; it's like playing your favorite games or looking through Instagram without even touching anything else outside of this vehicle - which we all know can be pretty convenient when trying new things out sometimes ;)

The Starlink infotainment software isn't perfect though (it has its pros/cons), so make sure yours works properly before giving up too much time waiting around for something happening at those sluggish moments during cruising hours.



The latest version of EyeSight is standard on the new 2023 Legacy, and it brings with it some impressive safety features. The system includes adaptive cruise control that can maintain your distance from other cars while still keeping up with what's ahead of you; automatic emergency braking when accidents are detected within range (although this does not apply if there isn’t enough time); plus driver distraction mitigation tools like an audio tone alerts or chime sounds designed to distract drivers who might find themselves daydreaming off their drive home.

We don't yet have pricing information for this new Legacy but expect it to start around $25,000. Subaru says they'll build the car at their facility in Lafayette Indiana where it also builds many other models like Ascent and Impreza among others! The newest addition will be available on dealers' lots by fall 2022 so stay tuned if you're interested because we'll provide updates as soon as more become available.