2023 Nissan Leaf Gets A Stylish Refresh Of Its Appearance

VD April 04 2022

Nissan has revealed a brand-new, updated version of their popular Leaf at the 2022 New York International Auto Show. This vehicle is one among many that are considered affordable and appealing due to its lack of gas engine as well electric powertrains--it's perfect for those looking into cleaner transportation options! The Japanese automaker steeped in tradition lavished several updates upon this hatchback including improved interior materials plus new exterior colors which you can choose from when purchasing it later next year (or now).

The Leaf's new look is more modern and elegant than before, with subtle changes that work together to lend it an appealing style. The grille has been redesigned along with some other parts of the front end like bumpers or headlights which have black inner finishes for added flair (this means they're lit up). Additionally, there are brand-new lights on your compact EV too - you'll notice them because they shine brightly in contrast to their silver metal housing!

The Leaf SV Plus has been given a refresh with new 17-inch wheels, which are designed to complement their latest aerodynamic updates. The most obvious change can be seen on this model as it gains an intricately sculpted rear diffuser and spoiler that gives off a more sports car feel than before!

Nissan is preparing to drastically reduce the number of trim levels on their next-generation Leaf. The automaker will now offer two choices: an SV Plus model with more affordable pricing, or a less expensive S version that caters specifically to buyers seeking value in cars without compromising performance and technology features such as blind-spot monitoring systems (BSM). These decisions were made based on customer feedback according to Nissan's official website.

The Leaf S is the more sporty trim of Nissan's fully electric vehicle lineup. It makes use of its 40-kWh battery and 147 horsepower motor with 236 lb.-ft torque while retaining similar features as 2020 models like range estimates which were reported at 149 miles per charge for this model type before any upgrades or changes have been implemented into them yet again!

The interior of this car is a perfect example of how to make the most out of its common sense. With only minor detail changes, modernizing features like an instrument panel screen for startup videos or replacing gray cloth upholstery with black ones are all present but not overwhelming in order not to distract from what matters - driving safely ahead! The new SV models also come with ProPILOT Assist, which includes Intelligent Cruise Control and steering assistance.

The Leaf remains one of the most affordable EVs in America, with starting prices for both models set to remain similar. The upcoming change means that now more than ever before you can save money on your purchase! With pricing not confirmed yet but expected soon at this point - expect it around $27000 or so for an S version (which includes federal tax credit) versus about 35 grand if bought new without any incentives--the all-new second-generation Nissan LEAF still offers incredible value despite recent updates like longer range capability and improved charging speeds.